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Heartworm Testing

Did you know that heartworm disease has been diagnosed in all 50 states? Heartworm disease is especially prevalent in south Louisiana, and the veterinarians at River Ridge Veterinary Clinic recommend heartworm prevention all year for dogs and cats, as well as yearly heartworm testing for canines.

If you are unsure of your dog’s current heartworm status, or have recently adopted or purchased a pet for your household, set an appointment with River Ridge Veterinary Clinic and have them tested for heartworms. The heartworm test requires a simple blood draw, and can be completed while you wait. Dr. Sinor follows the testing guidelines set forth by the American Heartworm Society, and recommends yearly heartworm testing after seven months of age.

It is important to remember that heartworm prevention is always less expensive and more effective than heartworm treatment. River Ridge Veterinary Clinic carries a complete pharmacy stocked with heartworm preventatives that are guaranteed to be both safe and effective for your precious pet. Call our clinic today at 504-737-6705 to have your dog heartworm tested and prescribed a preventative that is right for them and their lifestyle.

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