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  • How safe is my pet’s procedure?

    Just like human medicine, the relative safety of a procedure for your pet varies, depending on their age, overall health, and the complexity of the treatment needed. For example, a routine neuter or spay for a young animal is less likely to have complications than a complex orthopedic surgery for an older animal. Regardless of the issue facing your pet, you can rest assured that they will be in experienced hands, backed by advanced technology at River Ridge Veterinary Clinic. If your pet companion may be facing a surgical procedure, please call one of our caring professionals for an evaluation at 504-737-6705.

  • How often should my pet have an exam and bloodwork?

    A general rule is that most animals age approximately seven years for each single human year, so it is very important to have your pet examined yearly, especially after they reach the age of five years. Puppies and kittens require vaccinations and are often neutered early in their lives, and a regular examination schedule can be determined at that time. Regardless of the life stage of your pet, our experienced doctors will develop a life-treatment plan for your furry companion based on their individual needs. Please call one of our caring professionals at 504-737-6705 to schedule an appointment.

  • Why does my pet need a dental procedure?

    Studies indicate that pets can live up to 25% longer when they receive regular dental care throughout their lives. The bacteria that collect on untreated teeth can cause permanent damage to the teeth, gums, and ultimately the heart, liver, and kidneys. Regular dental cleanings keep your pet’s mouth feeling their best, while promoting their overall health at the same time. Please call River Ridge Veterinary Clinic at 504-737-6705 today to schedule a dental evaluation for your pet!

  • What if my pet has an after-hours problem?

    Not all pet emergencies occur during normal business hours, and River Ridge Veterinary Clinic refers these cases to Medvet Medical and Cancer Center For Pets. Medvet is located at 2315 N. Causeway Boulevard, Metairie, LA 70001, and can be reached by phone at 504-835-8508.

  • What are heartworms, and how can I prevent my pet from getting them?

    Heartworms are an internal parasite that can affect the heart, lungs and other organs of both dogs and cats. These parasites have been diagnosed in all fifty states, but are especially prevalent in southeast Louisiana. Heartworms are transmitted when an animal is bitten by an infected mosquito, which transmits immature heartworms to our pets. If not prevented or left untreated, heartworms can cause severe coughing, exercise intolerance, and even heart failure. Heartworm disease is much easier and less expensive to prevent than it is to treat. River Ridge Veterinary Clinic offers heartworm products proven to be safe and effective for pets in our care. For your convenience, these products are affordable and available at our clinic. Please call one of our caring team members at 504-737-6705.

  • What financing options do you offer?

    Payment is expected at the time of service. In the event your pet is facing an unexpected health issue, our clinic is pleased to accept Care Credit, which is a financial service similar to a credit card. You can apply online here, or call (800) 677-0718.

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